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Ideally situated in Oshawa and Stouffville, our retirement communities offer you the freedom to choose how you would like to enjoy every day of your retirement. Relax in your suite, socialize in the common areas, or enjoy the host of indoor and outdoor activities.


What should you expect from Bloom retirement community? Everything that you ever dreamed of! Bloom retirement community offers a lifestyle and range of activities to satisfy even the most demanding tastes.

You’re worth it!

Make the best of
your retirement.

You will always have people
around and lots of activities
to do.

The freedom to choose whatever you want to do every day.

A wide range of activities and opportunities to socialize.

Delicious meals prepared by our executive chefs, served right at your table.

No more worrying about daily cleaning chores.

Many seniors are fearful of losing their autonomy if they move into a seniors’ community. Quite the opposite! Free from the need to perform routine chores at home, you’ll now have the time to pursue what you’ve always wanted to do. Sign up for your favourite activities and enjoy the company of newfound friends.


You’re looking for the best possible quality of life.
We offer living environments that are safe, secure and comforting.

Our dedicated employees take the time to get to know each resident individually.

This allows them to offer personalized serviced according to residents’ needs and wishes.

Bloom communities offer a quality of life that’s well above your expectations.


In Ontario, both private and public retirement options are available.

Private Retirement

In private retirement communities, the focus is on all of the different aspects of well-being of the residents. At Bloom, we offer a host of services designed to enrich seniors’ lives, in a safe and secure environment that emphasizes amenities, activities and socialization.

Bloom is the ideal step after leaving a house or condo

A more personalized environment, more like “home”

Spacious and complete suites

A wide variety of services

Leisure and entertainment activities


Multi-service centre

Help with daily life

Personalized plans

Public retirement

In public retirement homes, the focus is on maintaining the physical comfort of residents. Generally, these residences offer healthcare for people requiring significant physical assistance.

Activities adapted to people who have experienced a significant loss of autonomy

Room or studio

Healthcare services

Cafeteria or meals on trays

Find your retirement community and the services that suit you